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23 mars 2010 2 23 /03 /mars /2010 17:16
A MOVE4CHADMove 4 Chad is a charitable association to humanitarian goal that was created in December of the year 2009. Fruit of a ripe one and long reflection, the creation of this association appeared to us necessary to deliver a strong message in order to drag the Chad of the tragedy in which it currently is squeezed. Our objective is not to bring us to compete with all the other humanitarian associations that work for and to Chad but rather to sensitize a little more the international community, the civil corporations and the simple citizens, European or African, to the drama that unfolds itself currently in this big country of Central Africa.

In fact, Chad currently is classified by the PNUD (Programs United Nations for the Development) among the ten poorest States of the world. Ravaged by continuous and deadly conflicts 1966, his life expectancy does not surpass 48 years. Millions of deaths and tens of millions of refugees punctuate the contemporary history of the country of the Sao. This continuous drama of course cannot be detached from different conflicts that hurt the bordering countries, such as the conflict of the Darfour in the west of the Soudan or the blows of State to repetition shaking the Republic of the central african republic since 1996. If the fight to the Darfour and the genocide that some resulted strongly were publicized and the oppressed widely defended cause of these populations by the world, which is completely legitimate, the prevailing disastrous position to the Chad, and particularly to the east of this one, was somewhat forgotten by the international community and by a number of NGO.

It is necessary for us therefore to act, and quickly. First of all, while doing to take conscience then, afterward, while acting. For the humanitarian position to the Chad becomes every day does more criticize, owing to a recurrent, unbearable antagonism even, between the government and several groups or unions of rebels. It is necessary for us to carry assistance to the millions of refugees that wander, skeletons showing off, in the camps of Bitter Goz and of Bereida;to come to the aid of all the chadians that vegetate currently in the misery, neat, without sufficient food, without decent habitat, without cares same of first necessity and especially without education for the youngest ones. Next, it is necessary for us to prevent that the current belligerent ones enslave children soldiers to their domination and the deprive basic right to go to the school and briefly, to believe new in the future. At last, the objective of Move 4 Chad is, through the intervention of humanitarian actions, to return the smiles to all these children tchadiens that some were deprived throughout their life, and to see again to shine in their eyes the stars of cheerfulness and hope.

It is necessary for us here to delay on an essential point: the independence politics of Move 4 Chad. Also a long time on the African continent and particularly to the Chad. Charitable associations to humanitarian goal were accused, to wrong or to reason, to serve –to see to finance- the activities of such or such movement rebels, of such or such government. Such will not be the case of Move 4 Chad. Our association wants itself apolitical and does not want to ingest at all in chadian political life and in the decisions taken by the international community with respect to the Chad on the political plan. No financing harvested by Move 4 Chad will be depraved of the humanitarian usage only we announced previously to the donors.

In the last analysis, it appears evident that we cannot act alone. We need the support of all, for a conscientisation of number of actors on the dramatic position that prevails to the Chad is absolutely necessary if we want to attempt to put fine this unacceptable incurie. It is at this condition, and to this only condition, that we will succeed in do that the biggest number of chadians rediscover dignity and hope, dragging itself thus of the darkness of the destitution and depression.

Mohamed Saleh IBNI OUMAR

The Coordinator

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